I Am Joy...And So Are You
19 Authentic Ways to Uncover and Elevate Your Natural Happiness

Would you like to not only find Joy but keep it for longer periods of time?
This book is filled with somewhat hidden and secret truths that will help you unlock your natural states of joy. Although different versions of happiness may live dormant inside of you, it is in fact ready to erupt and flow when you allow it to!

In this book you will learn how to:
  • Become A Force Of Transformation
  • Find A State Of Flow
  • Experience Greater Gratitude
  • Rediscover Child-Like Wonder
  • Solve the Mystery Of Our True Home
  • Ride The Waves Of Life
  • Plant Joy Where It Is Most Likely To Blossom
  • Become The Limitless Author Of Your Life
  • And So Much More!

Joy Willett is best known for her uncanny ability to help you leap into your greatest purpose! For over 3 decades, she has been assisting others in their mind and heart transformation, through NLP, hypnosis, and intuitive guidance. Joy is a highly sought after speaker, who has shared the stage with Allison Larson, Dr. Marlena Sherman Linton, David T. Fagan and other award-winning experts in their fields. She lives in Southern California & delights in taking pictures of the glorious beaches and amazing clouds that pass her by.