Visionary Life Guidance Sessions

Visionary Life Guidance Sessions

From a deep intuitive connection with a person,  Joy is able to define and refine the direction that a person is heading toward. She gives them the behind-the- scenes assessment of what they might need, in order to get the highest and best results in their life.

This is a direct inquiry into a person's inner being to create a feeling of wonderful conscious awareness and a heightened sense of peace going forward. These sessions transcend time and space and incorporate various modalities of intuitive information. 

Joy Willett comes from a multi-generational Nordic lineage of clairvoyants, some of whom have been studied at the world renown Monroe Institute for Consciousness Exploration in the United States.

 She carries her Gifts with a sense of Mission and Service for those who will benefit. 
She also holds classes for those who desire to learn how to awaken these Gifts in themselves.  

Note: Often loved ones will come through also to pass on their love and messages. 

 Price: $500 ~ for a 60 minute recorded session.

Holiday Gift Price: $397 if purchased by 1/7/2024

Makes a ✨ Wonderful Gift for someone you love!

Testimonial~ "
I do not know where to start. Joy is such a light, such an intuitive human being who can paint the picture of your entire life in front of you without asking a question.
I had a few sessions with Joy and I was beyond amazed by the most accurate details she shared with me. I do not trust anyone getting into my energy field, but I completely trusted Joy. Without asking any questions, she so accurately painted the details of my life, my deepest desires, showed me the path I am walking and touched the things I have never shared with anyone. I could not believe how accurate and precise she was.
 I could listen to her for days...her wisdom, her intuition, her seeing my path, my being, my soul, my guardian angels and much more. After the session I felt that I am on the right path...I felt more powerful than ever.. I felt more connected and while talking and listening to Joy I had confirmations over and over again, followed by whole-body chills. She is an amazing transformational coach who can guide you, make you feel more empowered, transform your reality, take your being to the next level. I highly recommend having a session with Joy and I guarantee that you will be amazed beyond your highest expectations."  

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