Terms and Conditions for the Training Event
Joy D Willett (dba Joys of Success) will provide to Training Event Attendee ("Attendee") the following services (collectively, the "Services"):
  • Training for the NLP Practitioner, Hypnosis Practitioner, and Time Line Therapy® Practitioner Certifications.
  • A suitable Event Facility (i.e. Airbnb property) with shared accommodations. 
  • Breakfast/lunches provided daily during Event. 
  • All necessary training manuals, books, and any pre-study materials. 
  • Attendees are asked to provide their own pens/notebooks/computers per their personal preferences.
  • Certifications will be provided by Joys of Success/Joy D Willett upon the successful completion of the exercises and passing score of 75% or more on the written practitioner test.
  • Board Certification application information will be provided at the Training Event, and the completion of the applications and associated fees are the responsibility of the Attendee.
Scheduled Dates are 5 pm PT May 9, 2022 through to 9 am PT May 17, 2022.

Payment and Refund Policy:
Joys of Success must purchase training materials for Attendee prior to the Training Event, reserve the Retreat Facility rental, and purchase meals supplies prior to said Training. 
Payment is due in full prior to the event, unless otherwise arranged in advance.
Attendees have 7-days after their registration date to request a full 100% refund.  After 7-days the Attendee accepts the fees become non-refundable and may be transferred to another Training Class or personal coaching/mentoring program offered by Joys of Success.  If participant is on a payment plan or delayed pay in full program, then the same terms apply as if paid in full.

Force Majeure:
If Training is cancelled or rescheduled due to any unforeseen major events or circumstance: such as a Pandemic, Acts of God, political or country strife, i.e. "Force Majeure" then participants will be provided to the following remedies-
  1. Reschedule to the next Training Event (either live or virtual, with first right of attendance over new applicants).
  2. Use the equivalent monetary value of cancelled Training for another training, certification workshop(s) and or personal coaching/mentoring with Joy D Willett (Joys of Success) and Team.
Participants acknowledge that Joy D Willett will make every effort to accommodate each participant and their personal requests/needs to the best of her ability. By registering for the event, Participant agrees to the above terms and conditions, and also agree to solve any potential disagreement on either side by the parties including but not limited to mediation between the parties.

We look forward to having you join us this coming May for this extraordinary Certifications Training  in Southern California!