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Carolyn McGraw Author/Inspirational Speaker 

Joy has a wealth of insight & wisdom that she lovingly shines onto the core of the matter; providing clarity & direction to overcome challenges in a higher way!
I am so grateful for Joy who made a very emotional situation feel light & easy, in fact she had me laughing instead of crying!
 She gave me the confidence as well as the perfect words to express myself so that I could move forward gracefully without drama. Thank you Joy for sharing your healing wisdom!"


Through her Illuminate Your Path Breakthrough Program, Joy assisted me with letting go of my stuff that I was carrying around from an extreme amount of trauma & change in my life. I had lost track of who I was and was engaging in behaviors that left unchecked nearly cost me everyone and everything I cared about.
What my life is like after fully engaging in Joy's breakthrough program 100% is that today I'm free from debilitating negative emotions and beliefs that didn't serve me. I'm now congruent with in what I find important, how I spend my time, money, & how I feel about my actions.
It has been said but not by me...."you cannot change an outward manifestation without first changing its vibrational source". Today, I have turned around & am now participating fully in being & continuing to become the man I want to be.

L. Havemark 
 Global Stylist  / Entrepreneur

Joy is the most humble human being you will ever come across...she is an Angel sent down to earth! After feeling lost, empty & dead inside, Joy started her magic with me.  After my first session I felt more alive than I had in years!
After every session, I felt like a new person, who is unstoppable! Joy made me so brave that I took a leap into a career I never thought I'd do, but that is now my purpose in Life! I feel calm & totally confident I can do anything!
 I feel forever grateful that in such a short amount of time I was able to not only wake me up to life, but learn understandings about myself to see & use the tools I need in my life! She made me feel like Life has only begun. She is an Angel & I am forever grateful I met her!"          

Mom/Real Estate Attorney

I honestly don't know how I'm going to be able to thank Joy for everything she has done for me & my family....I never imagined my life would be transformed so profoundly. She has helped me to become a better parent that parents from a place of love & joy & not from a place of fear. I have learned to focus on What I Want, not on what I don't want. Not only has she transformed my Life, she has also transformed the lives of my boys, my mom and friends. She's available whenever I need her & I am so blessed she is now a part of my family & my spiritual journey. I know we are going to do great things together."

Jenny Mulks
CEO of Along Comes Hope Non-Profit 

As a Cancer Coach serving cancer patients & caregivers, the addition of more tools, resources, & skills that I could develop on my end, would further support my clients healing.
Joy's knowledge & years of experience helped me build more skills which helped me process past pains of my own cancer journey as well as further the needs of my clients. The learning environment, real life scenarios, & customization Joy creates ( in her trainings) allows her students to utilize their new skills in their lives & businesses IMMEDIATELY, which is exciting! Not only is Joy passionate & motivating...she truly cares about educating people in order to take their lives to a higher level of happiness, healing & productivity!"

Jurate Luckaite
New Dimension ~ Fine Art and Couture

I do not know where to start. Joy is such a light, such an intuitive human being who can paint the picture of your entire life in front of you without asking a question.

I had a few sessions with Joy and I was beyond amazed by the most accurate details she shared with me. I do not trust anyone getting into my energy field, but I completely trusted Joy. Without asking any questions, she so accurately painted the details of my life, my deepest desires, showed me the path I am walking and touched the things I have never shared with anyone. I could not believe how accurate and precise she was.

 I could listen to her for days...her wisdom, her intuition, her seeing my path, my being, my soul, my guardian angels and much more. After the session I felt that I am on the right path...I felt more powerful than ever.. I felt more connected and while talking and listening to Joy I had confirmations over and over again, followed by whole-body chills. She is an amazing transformational coach who can guide you, make you feel more empowered, transform your reality, take your being to the next level. I highly recommend having a session with Joy and I guarantee that you will be amazed beyond your highest expectations."

M. P. 
former NBC Associate/  Photographer

One of the most powerful aspects of Joy’s uniqueness is her ability to see potential challenges for what they are in the perspective of Universal context.  When presented with a “problem” by one of her clients, she brings in myriad different frequencies and energies to bring about powerful change.  With the help of some powerful guides and resources, she sends the former problem into the Universe to be recycled into a new and positive energy.”
M. P. – former NBC News Associate/ Award Winning Photographer/Author

J. Rice
Founder/CEO of JustIntegrity

Joy is unique for many reasons. One of the more obvious reasons is that she embodies her name...Joy. She brings joy to all of those around her through her wisdom, presence, & smile. Joy is also unique because of her deep passion for giving & helping elevate humanity. Her in-depth understanding of the mind, subconscious mind, & hypnotherapy helps free people from their limiting beliefs, to me that is unique. Another way Joy is unique is that she is intune with spiritual wisdom/knowledge that many are unaware of.
Joy truly is Joyful! I have had the honor of learning the arts of the mind: hypnotherapy, NLP, & time line therapy® as Joy's student and she has helped myself & many others learn how to find Joy within."

E. Young Entrepreneur/Hypnotherapist 

Joy, you're unique in everything you do .. no others like you .. achieving your goals you set and helping so many people with theirs through your own experiences… your commitment to showing up and being available for me is awesome .. always believing in us as we try something new and giving us encouragement along the way .. a wonderful light worker many and for me.

Dr. Marlena Linton 
  Speaker/Author/ Corporate mentor

Joy is exceptional when training at a tactical level with clients who are at different stages of their experience. She is flexible, intuitive, responsive, and caring.•    Joy has the insight, drive, education, and practical foundation essential when communicating the subject matter.  I find myself often thinking about her word usage, body language, remembering them, and acting upon them.  Joy is a gifted listener. It's more than her empathy and ability to focus on someone else; she is uniquely able to distill questions into valuable, credible insight. I would highly recommend Joy as a Trainer of Hypnosis, NLP, and Time Line Therapy®. That combination is what makes Joy such a fantastic coach and human being.  Her follow-through is remarkable, as is her steadfast positive attitude. I will train with her again!"